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Training Your Boxer Puppy for Recall: Tips and Tricks

Bringing home a playful Boxer puppy is an exciting adventure. With their boundless energy and affectionate nature, Boxers make for wonderful companions. However, one essential skill to teach your Boxer is recall. Ensuring your puppy responds promptly to your call is not only a matter of convenience but also safety. We will explore some valuable tips and tricks to help you train your Boxer puppy for recall effectively.

The Importance of Recall

Recall, or the ability to have your Boxer come when called, is a fundamental command for any dog owner. It provides a safety net, allowing you to keep your pup out of harm’s way and maintain control during outdoor adventures. But how can you train your Boxer puppy to respond reliably to your call?

The Basics of Boxer Recall Training

Start Early

Early training is key to a successful recall. Begin as soon as you bring your Boxer puppy home. Puppies are like sponges, and they learn quickly. When introducing recall commands early, you set a strong foundation for future training.

1. Puppy Arrival, Training Commences: The moment your Boxer puppy sets paw into your home, the journey to recall training begins. Don’t hesitate; initiate the teaching process early. Early training is the cornerstone of recall success, and your pup’s age should not deter you.

2. The Young Sponge: Puppies are akin to sponges, readily absorbing knowledge. Their young, malleable minds are primed for learning. So, make the most of their teachable moments and commence recall training promptly.

3. Building a Solid Foundation: Early training forms a robust foundation for your Boxer’s behavioral development. When starting early, you are shaping their behavior in a way that makes recall a natural and reliable response.

4. The Power of Habit: Just as humans form habits in their early years, so do puppies. Initiate recall training as a habit from the outset, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your Boxer’s daily routine.

5. A Lifetime Skill: Recall is a skill your Boxer will carry with them throughout their life. When starting early, you are guaranteeing a lifelong ability to respond promptly and reliably to your call.

6. Safety First: Training your Boxer puppy early in life enhances safety, whether indoors or outdoors. It creates a protective bubble that keeps them out of harm’s way.

7. Preventing Bad Habits: Initiating training from an early age helps prevent undesirable behaviors related to recall, such as disobedience or selective hearing.

8. Enjoy a Strong Bond: Training from day one not only instills vital commands but also nurtures a deep bond between you and your puppy. This bond will be an enduring source of joy for both of you.

9. Getting Ahead: Early training places you ahead of the curve in shaping your Boxer’s behavior. It’s astounding how rapidly they grasp commands when introduced to them at a young age.

10. Laying the Groundwork: Beginning your Boxer’s recall training sooner rather than later is the surest path to expedited results. So, gather the leash, a pocketful of treats, and embark on the training journey today. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll witness your pup’s remarkable progress.

Choose the Right Environment

Pick a quiet, distraction-free environment for your training sessions. A calm setting will help your puppy focus on your commands. As your Boxer becomes more proficient, you can gradually introduce distractions.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in dog training. Reward your Boxer with treats, praise, and affection when they respond to your recall command. Make it a joyful experience so that your pup associates coming to you with a positive outcome.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is essential in recall training. Use the same command and gestures consistently. Even if you say “Come” or “Here,” make sure everyone in your household uses the same cue.

Short and Frequent Sessions

Keep training sessions short and frequent. Boxer puppies have a short attention span, so multiple 10-15 minute sessions throughout the day are more effective than one long session.

Tips for Effective Recall Training

Use High-Value Rewards

To grab your Boxer puppy’s attention, choose high-value treats. Pieces of cooked chicken or cheese work wonders. These treats are irresistible and motivate your puppy to come to you.

Recall Games

Make recall training fun by incorporating games like hide-and-seek. This playful approach not only reinforces the command but also strengthens your bond with your pup.

Leash Training

When starting recall training, use a long leash to maintain control. This ensures your puppy’s safety while giving them the freedom to explore within boundaries.

Avoid Punishment

Never scold or punish your puppy for not responding promptly. This can create fear and resistance. Instead, be patient and persistent with your training.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Boxers are known for their curiosity. If your puppy gets distracted during training, use a more enticing reward and practice in a quieter environment.


Some puppies may be timid or fearful. If your Boxer is hesitant to come to you, crouch down to their level and offer gentle encouragement.

Consistency with Commands

Ensure everyone who interacts with your Boxer uses the same recall command. Consistency is crucial for your puppy to understand and respond correctly.

Advanced Recall Training

As your Boxer puppy grows, you can transition to advanced recall training. This includes off-leash training and practicing in more challenging environments. Always prioritize safety, and only let your Boxer off-leash when you are confident in their abilities.


Training your Boxer puppy for recall is a journey that requires patience, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement. When following these tips and tricks, you can ensure your Boxer becomes a well-behaved and reliable companion. Recall that recall training is not just about control; it’s also about strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. So, embrace the process and enjoy the beautiful moments you’ll share with your Boxer along the way.

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